Eridge - Rust with Cork

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Whether you’re popping down the road for plastic-free groceries, need an everyday bag for getting round town, or even going to the beach, this canvas tote bag will do the job very nicely.

They are larger than the average tote bag, and are made durable by the strong canvas straps.

Our rust fabric is one of our favourites! The warm tones are inspired by autumn and have a cosy feel that will add warmth to any outfit. The fabric is soft and we chose a twill weave which creates a luxurious, corduroy feel. And it's also lined with our signature cork at the bottom.

We use the same fabrics throughout our products for each colour, meaning that any off-cuts from our bags are used for our purses and wallets so that we waste less!


100% cotton, natural cork

45cm x 43cm