All of our packaging, as with our products, is 100% plastic free. We only use recyclable and compostable materials.

We thought a lot about how we wanted to send your order, from biodegradable polybags to boxes made of seeds. We decided that we wanted to add as little to the earth as possible. Biodegradable polybags are a lot better than plastic, however a lot of the polybags are oxo-biodegradable and some experiments have shown they they leave behind small fragments of plastic. We loved the idea of a plantable box which had seeds in it and could grow in to something new… however we didn’t think our airport Customs would have the same view!

So we decided to go with the humble cardboard and paper. All of our goods come in to us from our supplier in paper, with no tape, plastic or styrofoam and they head out to you in the same way! We use a variety of envelopes and boxes and sometimes add a compostable bag (this can go straight in to your compost or food waste bin) if it needs a bit of extra cushioning. Our boxes are then taped shut with kraft paper which is also recyclable and compostable. You can throw the whole thing straight on to the compost heap!

We’ve also taken steps to reduce waste inside the boxes. We need to send you details of your order and your returns slip as well as sticking your address on the front of your packaging. So, we designed a way we could put all of these on to one piece of paper with one section where we can peel off your shipping label! This comes tucked in to a card envelope with a big thank you, some information about us and a tree certificate if you bought a bag!