Glynde - Indigo

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Our ethically sourced cork rucksack is vegan, comfortable, and practical. We used padded cotton straps so there’s no digging in to your shoulders, and extra cushioning along the back for maximum comfort. The inside of the bag includes two pouches for tablets or notebooks, and a zipped pocket - so no more rummaging around the bottom of your bag!


The cork flap is sturdy, durable and waterproof. The canvas element of the bag is water repellent, and can be further water proofed with our homemade soy wax. Watch the video to find out how.


Our indigo fabric is a true navy blue, similar to a deep denim colour. We use the same fabrics throughout our products for each colour, meaning that any off-cuts from our bags are used for our purses and wallets so that we create less waste.


100% cotton, 100% natural cork, YKK zipper

42cm x 32cm | Adjustable straps | iPad pouch | Tuck lock clasp (for extra security) | Alternative rope colours available here